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Owned by: firstgradelove1

Board Pinterest url: When we last checked we could not find this board (it may either have been deleted by the owner or Pinterest). The board url was: Opens in a new window if you want check again yourself (as Pinterest may just have been having a tantrum when we checked!).


This board will be deleted April 1st due to Pinterest best practices. This board is hurting our business as I am learning.

This board was created on Jan 12th, 2016 (by firstgradelove1).


Last time we checked this Pinterest group board was being followed by 2,153 other Pinners. It had a total of 27,826 Pins on it, pinned by 54 collaborators, which averages out to 0.5 Pins by each collaborator since it was created 5+ years ago. On average, 24.9 Pins are being pinned onto this Board on a daily basis. When we last checked, it was taking 4 days to add 100 Pins to this Board. That puts this Board in the top 3% of the most active group boards on Pinterest! This Board has a Score of 125 (this Score represents the level of activity on this Board - the higher the Score, the more active the Board is).

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Information correct as at Apr 15th, 2020.